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Athlete Reflections

"The Youth Cup holds many special memories for me, it's a fantastic event that motivated me to carry on and continue in sport, lets hope it has the same effect on some budding British athletes in years to come. It would be really special to bring it to Ambleside".

Alistair Brownlee 2005, Susa Italy - 4th

"For me it was such an amazing experience as a 15 yr old running for my country. It was the stepping stone to then running for Great Britain, first as a junior then senior, in the World Mountain Running Championships, then the Commonwealth Games and having a career as a professional athlete, it gave me the experience and motivation to go on. I would definitely support a home Youth Cup."

Robbie Simpson 2007, Susa, Italy - 14th, 2008, Susa, Italy - 8th

"I strongly feel that the Youth Cup played a vital role in my formative years as an athlete and shaped the path that I would go on to follow.
I would envy any youngster with the opportunity to compete in the Youth Cup in the Lake District, the birthplace of the sport".

Max Nicholls, 2003 Gap, France - 13th

"I have competed in the Youth cup twice and I will say that they have been some of the most amazing experiences. The opportunity for people to experience a race of this calibre is a massive part of stepping up to larger competitions.

Euan Brennen
2017 Gagliano del Capo - Italy - 14th
2018 Lanzada - Italy - 2nd

"I think Youth Cup as an event is so important as it taught me so many skills that were useful for when I then went away for the Europeans and World championships later in the year.
A home youth cup in Ambleside would be amazing to show off our incredible hills to the other teams and I'm sure would be an amazing experience for the England team running with home support.

Rosie Woodhams, 2018 Lanzada - Italy - 11th

"The Youth cup Mountain running championships were an unforgettable experience for me in both years 2017 and 2018. I took away so many memories from this race including my contribution to the boys team gold with my individual first place and many new friends from other countries that i still keep in touch with.
Having the Youth cup in Ambleside, Lake District would be a great experience for the athletes to participate in front of a home crowd and hopefully enjoy racing at such an amazing event."

Matty Mackay
2017 Gagliano del Capo - Italy - 9th
2018 Lanzada - Italy - 1st

"It was the best experience of my life"

Joe Dugdale, 2017 Gagliano del Capo, Italy - 6th

"I believe the Youth Cup is a great and vibrant event that gives young athletes a taste of international competition and the demands that come with it.
Having a Youth Cup in the lakes would be great as it would showcase what a great area the Lake District is for mountain running. It would also attract numerous country's to Ambleside which would make for a great weekend of mountain running.

Joe Hudson
2017 Gagliano del Capo - Italy - 14th
2018 Lanzada - Italy - 5th

"The youth cup was a really important stepping stone for me internationally and gave me a proper taste of what it is like to go an international competition.
Therefore having a local Youth Cup would let runners of all ages experience an international competition, it will let far more runners than usual compete against the best young athletes worldwide. I hope that having a Youth Cup in Cumbria will help expand the sport and gets lots of youngsters active and falling in love with our amazing sport"

Scarlet Dale, 2016 Jasnke Lazne - CZE - 5th

"I loved being given the chance to race against athletes from other countries in such a well organised event. The whole experience was great, I made good friends and was proud to represent England"

Liam Burthem, 2014 Arco, Italy - 7th

"I still treasure the memories and experience, maybe more so than the bronze team medal!"

Chris Richards
2014, Arco, Italy - 14th

" was a key defining moment in my athletic career… the Youth Cup gave me the desire to return to the world mountain running scene, and the confidence and belief that I was good enough to do so. Since then I have competed in the WMRC for Great Britain, and represented England in cross country. It opened my horizons to where running could take me; I consider it a key factor behind now being on the University of Utah's athletic program in the American collegiate system. Not to mention how much fun I had!"

Bella Williams, 2015 Bulgaria - 41st

The Youth Cup was the springboard I needed from competing against the home countries to competing against the world! It gives more athletes the opportunity to stay away with a team and experience international competition. Also a home youth cup would give the athletes' families more chance of coming to watch and support them.

Ciaran Lewis, 2014 Arco, Italy - 6th

The International Youth Cup was a great experience, not just representing my country but meeting other athletes from other counties and the race had a fantastic and supportive atmosphere. I believe a home youth cup would be great, allowing England to show off it's amazing hills and mountain running opportunities in Ambleside, the stunning scenery we have.

Emily Field, 2018 Lanzada - Italy - 11th